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 Imperator FLA Demo

IMPERATOR FLA generates FLA-files (readable with Flash MX(6) or higher) from the selected input SWFs (compiled with Macromedia Flash) and thereby makes it possible to alter the content of a SWF even when the corresponding FLA got lost.

Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to extract all included media-files (pictures, sounds and videos) so you can edit them with other programs.

Buttons (eliminating graphically identical buttons)
Components (with initialized variables)
Environment Settings (backgroundcolor, framerate, height, width, etc.)
Frame Labels
Library Linkages
Mask Layers
Media Importpaths (for extracted media-files)
Morph Shapes
Pictures (all types)
Sounds (MP3s and uncompressed PCMs)
Sound Events
Sprites (MovieClips)
All Timelines (rearranging them under FLA-compatible terms).

IMPERATOR FLA adds the two entries 'Save FLA..' and 'Save and Open FLA..' to the context menu appearing after right-clicks on SWF-files inside of an explorer-window.
These two options make it extremely convenient to generate FLAs from any SWF on your hard drive.

IMPERATOR FLA - Price: 79.00

Requirements: 128 RAM, 200 disk space, Microsoft DirectX 8
Trial version Limitations: No Actionscript Export

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12-Mar-2004 4 Review team 4/10
16-Jan-2006 1 yar1 DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE. I wasted an entire day on this piece of @#&%$ software. A long and complicated installation process that required receiving several installation files from company and three(!) times the file they sent was faulty and one even included a virus (!). All along their customer service is arrogant and unpleasent and in the end the software didn't even do what it was supposed to. DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE (refunds are impossible to get, even if you run into a problem before you receive the software key from them).
11-Mar-2004 10 comma it's the best but it's a demo version
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Quick facts
Product Imperator FLA Demo
Version 1.63
Publisher Imperator Software
Platform Windows XP/ME/2000/98
Filesize 1,040 K
Released 25-Dec-2003
License Shareware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 2828 (0)
Rating 8.85 (0)
Votes 95 (0)
Summary rating +61.96 (0)
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